About the Symposium
The International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action, organized every 3 years since 1980, has brought forward recent advances in the description of insulin signal transduction and metabolism related to metabolic disorders such as Diabetes mellitus and Obesity. These meetings have fostered great opportunities for scientific collaborations and have been crucial in the field of study of these diseases.

The incidence of obesity and insulin resistance has increased drastically worldwide and constitute a major problem to the current and future health of the world’s population. Obesity is associated with a wide array of other health alterations and increased risk to develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, degenerative disorders, airway disease and some cancers. However, the mechanisms underlying these alterations are still unclear and the understanding of these mechanisms constitutes a challenge for our society.

Our current knowledge about the pathogenesis of Diabetes mellitus and related disorders is being transformed by a number of discoveries. As a result of this activity, our perception of Diabetes and related disorders is changing both at the mechanistic and the clinical levels. In addition, all this knowledge is giving us the opportunity to develop new therapies. The XIIth International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action will address various key topics related to “New opportunities for the prevention and treatment of Diabetes in the XXI century”.

The Meeting, that this year will take place in Barcelona, will gather 300 participants from the entire world and about 30 Speakers amongst the best experts in the field.

For the first time the DZD Diabetes Research School for PhD students and postdocs takes place prior to the IR2013.